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For me, Form follows Function and I really don't care where the serial number is just as I don't care about the legalese on the barrel of my GP100. I learned my shooting basics in The Corps and instructions are on a lot of weapons there.

My wife and I daily carry his and hers SR9Cs and I love that little gun. Would I rather have NO manual safety to fuss with? Sure and the simple solution is, I just don't use it. The guns were inexpensive, accurate, durable with great Ruger customer service, dependable and did I mention?, accurate! I also carry at 4 o'clock high and canted forward with the 10 round mag with the pinkie extension baseplate and two 17 round mags on my weak side with grip extensions. With forty five rounds of 124gr SJHP I don't feel outgunned.

Incidentally, the top three choices for carry gun for us were the Glock 19, S&W M&P 9C and the SR9C.
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