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Updated with dates military shooters had "Sierra" and "Lake City" rifles.

Metal god, Federal Gold Medal Match ammo won't shoot too good in barrels with oversize groove diameters. I tried two different lots of it in two different Win. 70 .308 Win. factory match rifle barrels. Neither shot the Federal ammo as accurate as it did two lots of M118 7.62 NATO match ammo. With both barrels' groove diameters in the .3085" and .3086" range, only those .3086" diameter M2 172-gr. FMJBT arsenal match bullets shot well.

This is the reason why many military team members in the '70's and '80's shooting 7.62 NATO chambered semiauto rifles had one called their "Sierra" rifle and the other a "Lake City" rifle. The Sierra one had smaller groove diameters and shot Sierra's HPMK bullets more accurate but also shot the 172's very well. The LC rifle only shot the LC M118 ammo accurate.

In barrels with smaller groove dimensions, the Federal ammo does indeed shoot well. As does duplicating its component suite making ones own handloads.
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