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not really... If you want 'real' BC's Compare the .277 diameter 150 grain Nosler Accubond 'Long range' with a listed G1 BC of .625 and a round nose of the same weight with a BC closer to .25
So my 'imaginary' BC's are not very unrealistic. If you cast a completely flat faced bullet in .277 @ 150 grains it'd likely have a BC closer to the .2 I listed. Those numbers weren't that un-realistic (Albeit it was for the caliber and weight I used as an example)
You get fairly similar results even with "real world" BC's

Or between 7.14 and 8.73.
You've got the numbers scrambled a bit.
7.14'' drift with the .2BC
2.25'' drift with .65 BC
Both @ 200 yards.
The drop doesn't matter much, at those ranges, but the wind drift and velocity difference is fairly significant.

Do the calculations for the Accubond "long range" and the Round Nosed soft point at 3000fps, a completely reasonable velocity for those bullets.. and you'll still see significant difference in Velocity/Energy and wind drift.
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