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Originally Posted by IdahoG36
While there is nothing wrong with RIA 1911s, of the two I would go with the Norinco. The slide and frame are forged, while the RIA is cast. Also, as stated by others, there aren't any more Norinco 1911s being imported. Ultimately, the Norinco would be a better base gun should you choose to start customizing it. Just my two cents.
With both in equal condition, I would probably agree with you. However, with the Norinco in used condition and the RIA in new, I think it makes the quality question a little more complex.

I haven't done enough digging through here to see if the "cast v. forged" debate is substantial or just smoke and mirrors.

Your point about them no longer being imported is the biggest reason I have considered the Norinco over the RIA. That said, since I am looking for a 1911 to get started in the platform, I think the RIA is gonna be the winner.

My LGS has 1911s come and go all the time, but this one continues to sit. I think the cost is keeping people away, and from hearing opinions here, I can see why. I may go one of the bigger shops in the area and see if they have a RIA GI that I can put my hands on and see if I wanna drop the money.

Of course, I may rent the PT1911 and decide I don't want to invest in the platform. But I doubt it...
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