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Originally Posted by KyJim
I can't speculate on future value but, as you know, there aren't any new ones coming into this country.
Yeah, and that's really what worries me. I don't wanna miss out on buying a great piece that I might regret missing out on.

Originally Posted by Kev
I personally would go RIA.
New gun, warranty and excellent customer service from a company that stands behind their products.
That's one of the big sticking points pushing me to the RIA.

Originally Posted by Constantine
If you're into the 1911's and want to start off without hurting your wallet too much. I'd say get the RIA.. Buds Gun Shop has a few for sale for under $500.
I know, that's why i linked to one...

Originally Posted by WVsig
Offer them $500 for the Norinco.
It's a consignment gun, so it's a little tougher than just floating an offer by the LGS. I'm not thinking the owner wants to drop his price that much. From what the owner was saying, he's trying to get back what he paid for it.
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