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Tung oil project.....complete!

I applied a mixture of Tung Oil and MS to my VZ24 this summer when the humidity was low. With the high humidity I waited 3-5 days between coats that's why it turned out to be a summer project. After 8 coats the stock looks great and just as I had hoped it would look.

Halfway through the project with the blotchy results I thought I'd never do this again. However, after varying my mixture and just using a few drops with my finger and rubbing it in very well I finally started to see some good results. I found there was a certain point of time to stop rubbing when the oil is slightly wet an before it becomes dry. So, I've changed my mind and will do my FN M98 carbine next.

I also learned that when a coat was applied it cured better outside in a light breeze rather than in an air conditioned room. The few times that I added a coat and left it in the AC, I got many scattered dry dull spots even on areas that were almost perfect. So I rubbed out the blotches with cheese cloth, bronze wool and buffed it with an old sweatshirt and later applied the next coat.

Touch up was necessary at many of the woods dark spots which just wouldn't come out during the sanding process.

It's my understanding the oil needs 30 days to fully cure. Now how often do I need to reapply a maintenance coat? Should I apply a wax coat something like a Butchers wax?

Thanks to all who have coached me through this project. JW
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