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Originally Posted by Rikakiah
will the suppressor add back the lost velocity
No. You're going to lose about 200 - 400 FPS with the cut-down barrel. A suppressor might increase the velocity by 10 - 30 FPS (it's called "suppressor boost"), but it might not increase it at all.

Originally Posted by allaroundhunter
It is similar to a barrel in that it is still an extended length in which the gases are propelling the bullet rather than dispersing.
That's not entirely accurate. A barrel increases velocity linearly and predictably (up to a point), and it works basically the same way in every barrel. But suppressor boost is complicated, controversial, and inconsistent; not at all like the velocity increase you get from a longer barrel. Also, when it does happen it's by a very small amount: The most boost I've heard someone claim was 50 FPS in a .223, and that's rare. Usually it's closer to 10 FPS.

I've never heard a good explanation of why suppressors sometimes boost the velocity a tiny bit and sometimes don't. But most people seem to agree it doesn't work quite the same way that a longer barrel does.
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