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So the best case scenario is that one is limited to an allowed list and pays $18 and has two hours taken of his day just so the state can record that you have a handgun?

That is outrageous. I do not think I spent that long getting my drivers license.
I lived in DC for almost 20 years before going to Va. I also have current DC registration for my place of business in DC.

I agree if you are coming from the point of view of many states that the laws in DC are onerous. But lets be informed, there are now MORE states even more onerous. In practical terms buying an handgun is a MUCH easier and quicker proposition in DC than in Maryland or NJ.

I oppose DC's gun laws, but it is absurd it is listed as the worst jurisdiction when I can think of several states that are MUCH worse.

No one with a registration certificate in their possession. For those without a certificate
My point being that is an example of Miller or the examiner getting their facts wrong.

I like Miller, but she does get it wrong occasionally. I saw her speak once and she also got FFL requirements for long gun purchases wrong (you don't have to go through DC's FFL to buy a long gun in DC, just through the firearms registry).

A few spent shells in the back of a pickup truck out in the country is one thing. Spent 9mm cases on the rear seat floorboard of a sedan, occupied by inner city youth, is quite another.
Exactly. Spent casing and shotgun shells are a common thing to see walking around rural areas. Nothing suspicious. There is no legal place in DC to fire a weapon at all with the exception of mortal danger in your own home or business. If I saw one on a urban city street or vehicle (and all of DC is urban) I would be suspicious.

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