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Offer them $500 for the Norinco. It is a better frame, slide barrel as long as the locking lugs look good. The Norinco is a much better base gun due to these characteristics. These guns will not go down in value they might even go up a little.

Nothing wrong with the RIA it is a good basic 1911 but it is built to hit a price point and not much more. It will lose value as soon as you fire it. I see them selling used in the sub $400 range all the time.

If I were considering one for a duty gun I would get the Nork. Shoot a 1000 rounds get comfortable with it and then send it out for a bit or tasteful custom work to make it a 1 of a kind.

With the cost of 45 ACP ammo these days the initial cost of the gun is the least of your worries... LOL
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