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beware of cannon safes

i Purchased a brand new Gunvault biometric svb500 that failed right out of the box. Called customer service and they told me to try new batteries. I bought brand new set, still failed.

Same customer service joker told me he would contact me in a few days with RMA instructions. One week later i called back and they stated that they have never heard from me before. Even though i talked to same guy, he acted like hes never heard of this issue before. I went all through it again, and he promised me hed contact me within 24 hours.

One week later i called, and they would only put me thru to voice mail. I emailed them, and get NO response back.

I have lodged complaint thru credit card company, and there reversing the charges for me.

Since this happened, ive talked with many dissatisfied customers of gunvaults. Its a great idea, but built crappy in China.

My advise is to stay away...stay very faraway from them.
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