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RIA vs Norinco 1911A1

OK, looking for some insight from the TFL family. I think I know which one I'm going to pick, but I want to get some additional insight.

I want to try the 1911 Kool-Aid.

First, I plan on renting one first. My local indoor range has a Taurus PT1911 that I can rent, to determine how I feel about the platform- won't tell me much about the ones I am looking at, but it's the best I have access to.

That said, for my first 1911, I'm gonna go with a basic version, preferably a 1911A1/GI type. Nothing fancy, just a plain jane 1911.

The two I am looking at most are:

Norinco 1911A1 (used)- wood hogue grips and 1 mag; price is $589 (gun is on consignment, but has been there for a while, and my LGS owner is gonna ask the consigner about dropping the price). Gun feels good, and I know and trust the seller.

RIA GI M1911A1 MilSpec (new)- basic factory Rock Island. I would be ordering this from Price would be between $449.51/$437 (depends on if I pay cash or credit) including my FFL fee.

This would not be a carry gun immediately. I generally carry a SA/DA 9mm/9mm Mak, and the totally different action would need practice. This will initially be a range gun, potentially serving nighstand duty beside my Ruger Security Six, and maybe upping to a car/trunk gun. If I really get bit by this thing, and I feel comfortable with the switch, it may one day become a carry gun.

MY question is this: For the purposes stated above, which do you think would better serve my purposes. Would the RIA hold it's value more than the Norinco? Would scarcity apply an upward push on the Norinco's value anytime in the near future? I'm used to buying used guns, and have had really good luck with them. I know the price is a little high on the Norinco, so what price point would make the Norinco a smarter buy?

This is my first dip into the 1911 pool, so don't splash me too hard...
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