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Funny story - at least to me.

I am a shooter, builder, collector of just about every class of firearm other than trap/skeet shotguns. Muzzle loaders to registered machineguns and everything in between.

My first SKS was a Norinco direct from some police armory in the PRC. Screwed barrel (not pinned), machined fire-control housing (not stamped), and bayonet intact. I paid a bit over $100 - this was over 20 years ago. By coincidence the store owner I bought it from had a reputation of being a jerk with a bad temper.

A few years ago I was at a gun show with the intention to replace that gun with something similar - and I found a factory stock Norinco in the same configuration for $300. Not only was I happy with the price but it turned out the dealer selling it was my usual FFL - a sweet natured, retired military officer I have bought dozens of firearms though.

A few minutes later I found another Norinco SKS missing the magazine and the gas system parts with the price of $100. I snapped that one up too just to have one I could "Bubba" without remorse. That seller was also cheerful and easy to deal with.

I don't see anything wrong with the deal you are offering. I suppose the internet brings out the weirdos sometimes.

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