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Essentially, the President doesn't have to do much of anything. Under 925(d)(3), the ATF can make the determination on their own authority.
The funny thing is, if you keep reading, 925 (e) says otherwise, at least for the M1 Carbine. 925 (e) says:

Attorney General shall authorize the importation of, by any licensed importer, the following:
(1) All rifles and shotguns listed as curios or relics by the Attorney General pursuant to section 921 (a)(13), and
921 (a)(13) is simply the definition of "Collector"

The curios and Relic list, includes this tidbit:

Originally Posted by ATF C&R List
All Original military bolt action and semi automatic rifles mfd. between 1899 and 1946.
M1 Carbine falls under that description. M1 Rifles were made into the 50s, but many would be covered.

Unless there is something else that says otherwise, I am at a loss to how this is legal.
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