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Thanks for the advice guys.

What I retain is that the CZ Kadet conversion kit is not worth ~$700 CAD, nor is it worth a couple hundred more than a decent .22LR semi-auto. That seems like sound advice. Since the Kadet kits seemed so rare in my area, I thought I should double check with some people more wise than I.

Browning Buckmark, Ruger MK(x) or 22/45. I'll give the Ruger 22/45 another try in-hand, but my first impression was that it was inferior, ergonomics-wise (for my hands), to the Browning Buckmark I had tried. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Ruger MK(x), nor did they have the Buckmark in the color I wanted. My next visit to a gun shop will be the range's gun shop, hopefully they have more .22s to choose from.

As this thread is getting long and some busier members don't appreciate reading through a longer thread, I think I'll refrain from posting additional questions here and I'll start a new thread in the future.

Very valuable information, much appreciated!!!
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