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I was there for the discussions on the ammo law in DC. It was discussed as an add on to illegal weapons possession. That is legitimate. IE having an illegal gun in possession is one thing, having ammo with you and it is a legitimate aggravating circumstance.

The fact that in DC otherwise innocent people who inadvertently have a small amount of ammo but no weapon have been arrested and charged is a perversion of the way that law was discussed during passage.

So if you own a legal weapon but your wife does not have a registration you have to triple check you vehicle. A single round in the car can result in serious problems.

Bu the way some aspect of the ammo law were just changed. Miller is has done some great work but even her book does not have all the up to date info on DC gun law. Reading Millers book in some cases she does a disservice by making the current process look much more difficult than it actually is.
EG if you go into the firearms office with a handgun already owned from out of state, and it complies with Mass, Calif, or Marlyand allowed list, you are going to be out of there, registered and with your firearm, in two hours and $18 lighter. That beats the daylights out of quite a few other states.

If you are getting a new firearm you ship it to the FFL, which is in the same building as the firearms office, arrive ten days after the initial purchase transaction, and you will be out with your weapon in two hours about $160 lighter. (that is mostly $125 ffl fee). That is about six weeks less time than most in Maryland or NJ have to wait

I would not take a DC police roll call read out -- or advice from the firearms office -- as ANYTHING meaningful on what is legal or illegal in DC. They will tell you it is illegal to have ammo shipped when it is not. They were saying it was illegal to possess calibers of ammo not identical to your registered firearm for half a year after the law was changed.

You can own ammo without a permit of you are in process of getting one (what burden of proof on that is unknown). And if you have a permit you can own any type of ammo unless it only goes in a proscribed firearm (eg 50 bmg) or proscribed type (leo penetration types)

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