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My 2 cents

A lot of people recommend a .22 as a first handgun, even more say to try them out first, either by renting or using a friend's....

Let me play the devil's advocate.

I purchased my first handgun earlier this year- a Sig Sauer STX 1911 in .45 acp. I bought it NIB (new in box), without ever shooting a .45 before and I have ZERO regrets. However, I was intending home defense as a main use for the weapon as well as target practice so I wanted something that could punch a nice big hole. I had also fallen in love with the 1911 years before- you simply can't argue with a gun that has served in both LEO and Military applications for over a hundred years and can put out a 2 inch group at 50 yards... that, and having shot a .380 revolver and a .40 polymer frame pistol I wasn't too worried about the larger caliber.

All that just to say this- find something you like (you'll know) and run with it.

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