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Most people like H&K products. I know I do, and they are a fairly good product. I've read that the internals on H&K products are made in Turkey. As they have some of the most advanced machining capabilities available. If my aging memory serves me correct (don't bet on it!!! (grin) the company that makes TriStar products also makes some H&K parts (both long and short gun). So I suspect the products are quite good. I know I had a Tristar shotgun that was a gem and performed flawless.

As an aside. In today's world it's all about "specifications". If the specs are "right" and you make any manufacturer deliver to the specs. The product can be world class, even from Turkey & China. For example I have several H&K products made in China that are actually quite good (Tactical lights and Knives).
This is the first I've heard of HK internals being made in Turkey but maybe I'm wrong. Also, HK knives being made in China is also news to me.
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