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I think the LCP, LC9, and SR poly and 1911 pistols are all very good looking pistols. Great lines on them.

As for how good they are...

The LC9 really is an improved clone of the PF-9. Far more consistent reliability from them than the PF-9, but the trigger pull is sooooo looooong. I went through about 800 rounds with mine without cleaning it, with 0 malfunctions. In the end, I couldn't stand the trigger.

The LCP is to the P3AT as the LC9 is to the PF-9. My lady has one, and has put about 500 rounds of FMJ and I think 40 rounds of JHP through it with 0 malfunctions. It's not fun to shoot, but my lady can consistently put shots on target from 50 feet running it 1 handed. Too small for my hands.

Here is a review that I did last year on the SR9c. A bunch of other posters contributed heavily to the discussion, and provided a pretty fair assessment of the pistol.
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