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For me a survival rifle is something to get small game with if I'm lost out in the wilderness. The only activity that would get me out in there in the first place is hunting.

So what I have is survival rounds rather than a survival rifle. I make up cast bullet loads with small amounts of fast burning powder for whatever rifle I'm carrying so that I could pop a rabbit or other small game that a full power rifle round would blow all to hell.

I also practice with these low power rounds not just to be good with them but because it's fun. I find the point where they shoot to aim with my sights and get to where I can judge that distance. With the low power loads I'm usually shooting them on the way up rather than the way down like on full power rounds.

If I could still hike, I'd carry something like a Cricket single shot handgun. I'm thinking about getting one for no particular reason anyway...

My concealed carry gun is either my Colt detective special or my M1911a1. I hope to never need to use any of my survival tools...

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