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Thought I had best bang for the buck

I had a sig sauer sp2022 9mm. I paid 399 for it and it was a great gun. No problems and shot straight. Seen many people say it is best gun for the price and I believed that until now. The sig may be shelved and or traded off. I was at LGS and owner said to look at these Tristar brand pistols and I was really not interested. I saw the price and just figured they were bottom line entry pistols. He showed me a T-120 which was a baby eagle/CZ clone. Everything look great and at first glance looked like a very well made pistol. I went home and did some research and I could not find a negative review of any Tristar product. Which is made by Canik 55 out of turkey. They make CZ clones and by god they are damn good at it. I ended up taking the plunge and bought the t-120. 17 rounds and a alloy frame at $354 I would give it a shot and boy I am a happy shooter right now.

1st off the fit and finish on this gun is great. At this price I would expect marks and mistakes but not on these guns. Granted I got the blued version which I don't like as much at my glocks tennifer or the sigs nitron finish but I will be fine with it in the end. Tolerances are tight and everything fits snug and no rattles at all.

2nd and the best of all is the trigger. This DS/SA is fantastic. DA is not too heavy and half cocked is even better but in SA it is light and very crisp and not a lot of travel like the sigs sp2022. Gun with this trigger is far more accurate than my abilities. I just love this gun.

This gun is a very soft shooter and the rail fits my light and laser combo perfectly. I cannot say enough good about this pistol. I only have 200 rounds thru it so far with no problems but I don't foresee any problems.

With all this said I got a great fit and finish gun with an outstanding trigger that holds 17 rounds on a all alloy frame for $354. I strongly believe that this is the best value for the money in todays market. Don't sleep on the canik 55 made pistols. they know what they are doing and I see why the have made guns for nato and just glad I found these diamond in the rough now. I am looking to add a c-100 which is a CZ75c clone or a TP-9 which is a walther p99 clone very soon.

These are just one mans opinion but I just wanted to let everyone know that you don't have to settle on a average handgun in the 3 to 4 hundred dollar price range. Look and review for your self the tristar line and you wont be disappointed.
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