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Thank you for the replies. The statement that the value of this gun may be decreased if I touch it up got me puzzled a little. I never thought this could be a collectable item. Is it really? I did not pay cash for the gun, thus it's hard for me to tell what it really worth, but the "estimated value" during the trade was $500 and I thought this was inflated. The only reason I did not question this number is because I got so much ammo along with this gun, it hardly mattered even if the real value is lower...

Interesting side note: I just learned that Remington UMC ammo does not fit in the chambers of this gun! The bullet is longer and cylinder does not close... PMC, Winchester and some third party reloads seem to fit perfectly fine, but they all have a bit shorter bullets. Good thing I saw it before I took it to the range
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