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Sizing the case will change the size/shape/length of the case, not a lot with a 45 ACP (very little if any though). So, trimming then sizing and the case may not be in spec.
Indeed. So, any trimming definitely needs to be done after resizing. Thanks for the sanity check...

A new wrinkle in my little .45 ACP reloading saga: I took the trimmer to a few cases that measured .901 to .903 on my dial caliper, and nothing was trimmed except for a shallow scrape on about half the circumference of one case mouth. I'm really scratching my head now.

The trimmer was fully inserted into the cases. I measured a few bullets as a benchmark for the caliper, and they measured about .4505 so I don't think the caliper is off. I wouldn't think that the Lee trimmer would be off spec. I must be missing something.

Maybe I should just be happy that the reloaded rounds cycle through the gun with no problems when I rack the slide? But that's not me. I want to figure out what the deal is here.
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