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If this thread proves one thing, it's the fact that we can be our own worst enemies sometimes. We don't just let ourselves get factionalized: we actively do it to each other.
I think this is a strong statement that is over-stated.
We start (right or wrong) at a very young age to stereotype or group others. Kids stereotype others as moma's boys or bullys or princesses. In school you have the jocks, geeks and nerds (I have no idea what it is today). In the business world you have the suits and kissups, the pothead and alki, etc. Each hobby has their own sub-classes. Right or wrong, it is an everyday occurance and not necessarily a bad thing in conversations. It does become hateful when someone acts against another for being different. (See the history of the World).

We do have revolver guys, mall ninjas, 1911 snobs, Glockophiles, etc. Usually it is said tongue-in-cheek unless it is used to attack someone in an unfriendly way. Being a part of the Gun Culture and calling ourselves "Whatever" is not harmful to our group because every group, everywhere, does it to some degree.
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