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CMP Ammo Order -Foiled by (stupid & Lazy) FedEX Driver

So I ordered some 30-06 ammo from CMP on July 31st and finally it shipped!
It was suppose to be delivered yesterday, (Aug 30 via FedEx) however that was not meant to be! Since it required a adult signature, my wife stayed home in the morning - I came back from work and stay home in the afternoon. FedEx didn't come in the morning and they didn't in the afternoon.
I called FedEx several times and they said the same thing; it's on the truck and it will be delivered.
About 7PM I called them since it was getting late and they told me the driver tired to deliver it but nobody was at home! Now get this; the driver just happened to not scan it nor did he leave a "missed delivery" note.
When FedEx told me that I exploded - big time! That FedEx driver is a lying, lazy SOB! Oh wait it gets better: Since it came via FedEx-ground, I wouldn't be able to get until Tuesday! I told them no thanks but I'll pick them up!
Now I had plan to go to the range on sat to test fire my new-acquired 1903a3but thanks to a lazy FedEx driver that didn't happen!
I have all emailed FedEx with a not-so-nice email and I plan to send a letter to FedEx corp headquarters on Tuesday. I hope that lying sack of crap driver gets canned! I had several gun deliveries to my home done via UPS and never had a problem!
Anyone had a similar problem with FedEx????
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