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5'8" ~200lbs

Married to a wonderful woman, she is a nurse.
Have a 17 year old stepdaughter who loves to shoot.

College dropout, man, was that boring! Industrial Mechanic/MillWright/Licensed Water Treatment Operator now. Also have some side work mowing lawns, welding things for people, automotive repairs etc.
Shaved head, goatee and almost completed full sleeves on both arms. I drive an F350 a Saab 93 and an HD RoadKing. (I know, the car doesn't really fit). I like cheap beer, Tennessee Whiskey and Grizzly Snuff. I pretty much wear Carharrt pants, black tee shirts and wear Chippewa boots. I guess I fit into the stereotype. And that's fine. Does not bother me.
Grew up in a rural setting, had dogs, cats and horses. Been into guns since I can remember. Dad owned a few. Never used em much back then. He does use em now. I grew up in the outdoors, hiking, horseback riding, fishing and archery.(Never had cable/satellite tv till I was in my 20s, its trash anyways) Even though he had his guns, dad never took me shooting. Got into actually using guns when I was older.
Politically, I'm a Constitution loving libertarian. Except for two things- abortion and hard drug use. I don't support or
condone either of those. Basically my outlook is this- if my actions aren't harming you, leave me alone and I will do the same for you.
As far as what guns I own, everything from frontstuffers that shoot patched round ball to ARs. Revolvers and one semi auto pistol. I have them because I can. I hunt a little, shoot targets at the range and hope to never have to use any gun to defend my life or anyone elses. But if needed, there are guns that will function for that purpose.
This thread is a great read and thanks to the OP and all who have posted to it.
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