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My 'What the ...?' moment for the day...


I had no clue it was there. None. Nada. Zip. I thought the swelling was just from the impact, cut and healing process. There was very little if any pain, other than the initial incident until a couple of days ago. What I think now is that it was deep, just above the bone, and slowly worked out as the wound closed up.

So, this morning I rubbed it and noticed a sharp pain, at which point I got up close in the mirror to take a look. The scab was pushed up, which puzzled me, so I sterilized a needle and removed it, exposing the end of the sliver. Still did not realize what it was, until I took the tweezers and got ahold if it. That's when I got my 'What the ...?' moment, and that 15 watt bulb on a dimmer switch in my head flickered on.

I'm still just a tad freaked out.
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