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Originally Posted by Bill DeShivs
Yes- the Mossy or Remmie. The pumpies.
Use buckshotty.
While I don't mind slang, insofar as I understand what folks are trying to get across, that made me laugh out loud.

And while we're kvetching about language,

Originally Posted by jaguarxk120
...your too lazy...
I think you mean "you're" right here. (9mmfan runs and hides.)

Now let's get this fellow a scattergun!

Now on to the point. Hard to beat a good pump. I have a Mossberg 500 behind my office door. It was the first shotgun I ever owned. I was a touch younger, and had to have the super cool extended magazine flush with the twenty inch barrel for added awesomeness. Thought it was the bee's knees.

Fast forward a couple years, and it shows an incredible lack of foresight. I kinda wish now that I had gotten the standard magazine 18.5" since I have yet to find a longer second barrel that would make the one I have more versatile. I did find a decent deal on a beater 870 Express for other uses, but it was still more than a new barrel.

Your neighborhood may be more sketchy than mine, or you just may want a fancy whizzbang semiautomatic. Don't know much about those, but the price point argument that has been brought up makes sense.

Of course I wouldn't have a problem using my old Rossi 20 gauge coach gun against bumps in the night, FWIW. I keep a pistol close at hand as well.

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