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White male

46 years old, 47 in 1 week

Got my first .22 at age 13

Pro 2nd Amendment, an armed populace is a good thing

Pro gay rights (though I'm straight), none of my business who you love

Anti-drug war (I think it infringes way too far on personal liberty)

A hawk on national defense (I've never served, though fully support those who do and did)

Pro capitalism - anti communist/socialist

Despise both Democrats and Republicans (neither has a good track record here in Illinois)

I have 3 cats

I saw 50 Grateful Dead concerts

College grad (NIU '90, go Huskies!)

A carnivore who's never hunted (I'd love to though, just never had the chance/opportunity)

I live in one of the most diverse neighborhoods on the planet

I am a landlord and have fantastic tenants who happen to be Muslim

I'm an atheist, though raised Catholic

No facial hair, though I love Duck Dynasty

I think the girl in the pic 2 posts above mine is hot hot hot!

So how does that fit the stereotype?
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