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I bought a new .45-70 Handi rifle early spring. I made it into a target model like they used to offer. It came with a plastic stock and I swapped it out for wood then replaced the rear sight with a Lyman TK peep sight.

Here's a pic of it next to a H&R 12gauge shotgun

I found that shotgun on sale a BiMart store and it had really nice wood on it. So I bought it and swapped stocks with the .45-70. Now I need to put a recoil pad on the .45-70.

Here's a target from my first outing with it at 50 yards.

These were from an experimental load with 230g cast bullets for the .45 ACP teflon patched and loaded over 10 grains of Unique. It's a little more than a gallery load but plenty of fun and good for getting used to a new rifle...

Anyway it looks like you're going to like yours as much and I do mine...

For what it's worth, I've found that the hammer spur extension slows lock time. I won't use them even on my 2 scoped Handi rifles...

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