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Constructive criticism, though: your HUGE script copyright notice takes away from the picture... big time. It's so large that it draws attention away from the subject. It's what I remember most about each picture. Worse when it goes over, through or otherwise pollutes part of the subject matter.
I've never been 100% happy with that signature. While I was in Alaska last week a friend asked me to add some text to a photo of his and I worked out something different for mine based on his request. Better?

What brand are those cartridge cases, Photoman? I don't think I've ever seen one that orients the cartridges for a speedloader like that.
Those speed loaders and blocks are from these guys. They are costly but really nice. I have blocks/loaders for my S&W 617, both 63s and my Ruger SP101. The fact that they make blocks to fit in those Pelican boxes is awesome. The 1050 case holds two blocks, one block fits in the 1040.

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