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I purchased the shotgun used in 1970 so I am not sure if anyone played with the trigger mechanism or not. The gunsmith showed me a business card he found in the stock with another gunsmith's name and a date of 4/20/69 written on the back so it may have been worked on previously. Perhaps the gun had an issue and was the reason it was sold or traded to begin with. When I purchased it the gun was in great shape and was reasonably priced for a teenager making $1.10 an hour minimum wage. Most of the searches that I have conducted all seem to point to the aluminum housing as an issue along with other related problems.

I took the trigger assembly out and looked at the trigger. One side of the trigger is definitely thinner than the other. There are two etch lines like someone perhaps sanded the part down and buffed it out leaving small indentations. It may have been faulty from the factory or someone worked on it and it took some shooting for the problem to show. I ordered a new trigger from Numrich.

Additional research

Found a picture of a model very similar to mine and the trigger stands away from the back of the trigger guard whereas mine is almost inside the guard. I would guess this was worked on to reduce the trigger pull?

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