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I guess when I said there weren't many grips for sale, I had meant of different styles. I can't stand wood grips with finger grooves that look like the whole thing was molded. With things like S&W I like the classic grips or rubber with or without grooves. For the Diamondback, in wood, there really seems to be little else besides the stock style grips and the Hogue-like finger groove style I know many people are fond of. Hence my interest in the grips in my picture, they seem unique even if they are foreign cheese.

Thank you for those links tho, most are the style I don't like but I'm really interested in the one pair of rosewood heritage in your Eaglegrips link. I think that will turn out to be what I buy. If there is anyone that can point me to the grips pictured in the future, I'll still be interested in those as well.
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