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The second has to do with cleaning the brass. Should this be done before resizing and depriming? This same friend of mine suggested I resize and deprime first, so that the primer pockets get somewhat cleaned as well. Again, I see his point but it seems like running dirty brass through my resizing die can't be good for it.
I de-prime first and usually get them clean enough in the tumbler to just re-prime.

I re-size after first Chamfer.

I only reuse brass 5 times and toss it. Not the popular way necessarily but trimming is not my forte and would prefer to revamp with once fired brass. Although I know people who reload 20 times before tossing it! Guess to each his own.

I Stopped using media and wash with Joy and Mean Green and my small tumbler will do about 100 45 ACP comfortably. Don't care about a little tarnish, just clean is good for me. I have used No-Finish to prevent brass from tarnishing.

I don't like the case to be so small that the lead peels, it gets in the barrel or causes me to remove it by hand adding to loading time.

I don't separate my brass by head stamp, but on the 45's I do throw the ones that contain the small pistol primers to the side. Maybe use them if they ever add up to a batch.
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