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From what i'm reading in this particular thread, and based on the polling I've seen on gun owners in the USA, i'd say the stereotype is somewhat based in reality. I think non-conservative, minority gun owners are horribly underrepresented
Respectfully disagree. I think you are seeing a bias representing readers of a gun owner aficionado site.

I think with the GSS and gallup studies you are also seeing a bias on who aadmits to gun ownership. (this also probably affects reporting of gun ownership generally.

I am from the northeast originally. My dad taught me to never mention it to anyone. My sister is a die hard Democrat and owns two handguns. She has told me her friends would be mortified to know she owns guns. Probably some of those same friends also won guns and feel the same way.

My circle of social and professional contacts is the exact opposite of the stereotypical gun owner. I have trained a lot of them to shoot and helped a number get their weapons. They are very discrete about it. Even more so in todays stigmatization
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