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Hey everyone,

You've all been super helpful while deciding on which first pistol I should get. The next course I need to take will be completed next Saturday, after which I can apply for my firearms permit. I can't wait to try out the CZ-75 SP-01 SHADOW I had put aside!

Until then, I'm doing some homework, mainly on cleaning and maintenance. However, just this morning I was browsing and I realized that my local range had just received 3 CZ Kadet .22LR kits, and I was very excited until I saw the price. These kits are going for ~$700 CAD each with 2 .22LR magazines. Now, I was expecting the conversion kit to go for maybe 400$, 500$ would be pushing it.

But for ~$700 CAD, I think it would be better to get a Browning Buck Mark and save some money. However, since I know next to nothing about firearms, and these kits seem to be VERY hard to find, I'm turning to you guys for your collective wisdom.


Thanks a bunch!
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