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Glock 20 Gen 4

As most know, these are offered with either 10 round or 15 round magazines as some states do not permit magazines of greater than 10 round capacity. But the 10 round version might be found in any state.
I have an order with my favorite dealer for a Model 20 Gen 4 with 15 round mags. He is having problems finding one and I am convinced that he is being completely straightforward with me. He has located some with 10 round. I do not want to have to buy extra magazines to get the 15 round capability.
GunBroker listings are cagey about listing the magazine capacity so one must assume that they are the 10 round until and unless further information is forthcoming. The GunBroker prices plus shipping and the extra FFL total more than the local price quoted to me. And only a very few are listed on GunBroker. So waiting is my most practical option.
So the question is: What is your guess on the time frame for availability of the Model 20, 15 round?
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