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Results are in

I decided to go shooting at lunch. I had 4 different .38 special loads with 3 different primers.

1) Tula standard small pistol primers with 231 and 158 SWC - all 30 fired
2) Tula standard small pistol with 231 and 140 round nose - all 30 fired
3) CCI standard small pistol with HS-6 and 158 SWC - all 24 fired
4) Tula small rifle with AA #5 and 158 SWC - out of 50, four required a second hammer strike.

All shots were double action.

I may put the heavier spring in but probably not for a while. I'm pretty happy with these results because the trigger pull is very nice now and I have 5K small pistol primers in the drawer (all I could find the last time I ordered). As stated earlier, this is a range toy. My serious guns are all autos.

I think this was $15 or so that was well spent.
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