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Originally Posted by Tom Servo
I'm something of a staunch traditionalist, but I bought my first Glock this week. Everyone was shocked. I think, subconsciously, that I might have been trolling my friends a bit with that one
What? Say it ain't so Joe....

I go away and play Boy Scout for a little while and this happens.

Actually, I get a lot of the reverse stereotyping when I tell people that I shoot skeet competively more than anything or go to my LGS after a round of sporting clays.

"You dress fancy and shoot a Beretta over and under. You must not like my AR-"

Actually, I don't much care for the AR-15 because I get to use one enough in my other job, and I sorta agree with Colonel Cooper and think the thing is a poodle shooter, however, that doesn't stop me from actively supporting the NRA-ILA.

We, as gun owners, are our own worst enemies. And sadly, the animosity flows every which away, not just Fudds disliking the three-gun military style shooters.
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Ladyfriend: "I need help with the leaves in the yard"
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