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I don't know much about that ammo per se, but it looks like just another one of those "super" loads that pushes a lightweight, frangible bullet at very high velocities and appears to perform well in ballistics gel tests, but not always in the real world.

There's a couple of problems with those. First, the bullet is often made from a pressed-together materiel so it will fragment in soft tissue or through walls. But this materiel is also usually much more susceptible to moisture: I had a friend who carried some RCBD ammo for about a year and when he went to shoot it his gun blew up after four rounds. It turned out that moisture had infiltrated the case and caused the kaboom.

The other problem is that the bullet often performs unreliably through heavy clothing and is much more easily deflected by bone and such. I'm sure there are times when a super-fast, super-lightweight, frangible 9mm bullet outperforms a more traditional hollow point, but this performance tends to be less reliable.

There's a reason why almost all federal and state law enforcement agencies use more traditional hollow points.
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