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Originally Posted by ClydeFrog
The web forums are a great resource but do not go by just one source or remark.
Check a few sources or speak to a local atty or a community service officer from your local PD or Sheriffs Office. Not all cops are legal experts but I would go by every comment or post you read online.

As author & sworn LE officer Massad Ayoob says often; "don't go by the errornet. "
BTW; I think you can OC on your own property it's when you go off your property or home that local/state carry laws or ordinances apply.
Clyde, with all due respect, please read the above post where I quote INDIANA STATE LAW.

Not a summary, not a synopsis, but a direct quote of Indiana Statute.

Why should he check anything from local PD? Why bother with an attourney? The Statutes are out there, and I provided links and sources. Indiana law is clear about carry on private property, and that answer was given to the OP.
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