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mmb713, I did reload a few and loaded a magazine with them. Inserted in my SR1911 and racked the slide several times, and they seemed to cycle just fine. Thank you! Haven't tried them in the Colt Mark IV yet.

I picked up a .45 ACP case trimmer today and may have learned something while playing around with it earlier. If the cases are already deprimed and resized, it's almost impossible to get the trimmer pilot all the way into the case. The shoulder on the pilot (Lee brand) measures .451 on my caliper and that seems to create an interference fit in the case.

Fortunately, from previous recommendations here, I also picked up a universal decapping die today, and found that the trimmer pilot would go into cases that were decapped but not resized, just fine. Looks like if I'm going to trim cases, it's going to have to be before resizing.

Anybody else have a similar experience?
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