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Back when I was shooting competition there was a Rod&Gun club in Kansas that used to put on a match once a month.

I always enjoyed going to their matches and competing as they had no classifications, it was a straight heads up match which is what competition should be in my opinion.

Once a year they would put on a 3 gun match, like all their matches it was a good one and a lot of fun.

The handgun and shotgun part of the match was speed events, the rifle part of the match was more about accuracy.

In the rifle portion, the rifle to be used had to be any centerfire caliber with iron sights only, no red-dots or glass of any kind.
Course of fire was 20 rounds fired at USPSA/IPSC targets placed 75, 100, 150, 200 yards, five rounds fired at each distance.

This was a timed event in the effect that that you were allotted a certain amount of time to fire all 20 shots, and they were not to generous with the amount of time allotted
Scoring was A's=5 B's=4 C's=3 D's=2 a miss is 0.

I decided to shoot the rifle part of the match with an SKS that I had reworked the front sight on.
I also liked the SKS because of being able to load the rifle with stripper clips, plus I could shoot this little rifle fairly well.

Another fellow and myself tied for first place on raw score but I was awarded the first place win because I hit more A's, three of which was on the 200 yard target.

I do miss the days of shooting with them fellows because they always put on a good match and were a fine bunch of competitors to shoot with.

Kraig it looks like you all are having a good time and some beautiful country to shoot in.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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