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My initial cost for my 4 presses wasn't that much; I seem to stumble upon the really good deals.
Dillon 550 w/ all the bells and whistles $0 ( swapped a Mossberg 500 for it)
Dillon SDB $0 ( older friend of mine gave it to me when he got out of reloading)
Mec 600 w/ about 1000 hulls, 1000 wads and 2 lbs of Red Dot $75.
Redding Big Boss II w/ Redding 3BR powder measure ( had to buy that new $ 325, needed a good single stage)
Total = $400 for everything

Probably have spend another $2500 in the other stuff ....tumblers, scales, primer pocket cleaners, several caliber conversion change outs for the 2 Dillons and tons of bulk bullets, powder and primers, manuals, all the little stuff we find out we need.

I can load for everything I shoot. Haven't bought a factory round in YEARS and I enjoy doing it.
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