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What exactly happens if you reload .45 ACP brass with case lengths over the .898 maximum?

I measured some once-fired .45 ACP cases (PMC brand) from one particular box of factory ammo that I bought at the range and shot (and miraculously, was able to recover all 50 cases). I came up with lengths up to .903. I don't have the required trimmer yet.

If reloaded, would such rounds cause failures to feed, or if they did feed, battering of the bolt face or other problems with the pistol? How critical is the case length in most .45s? To trim, or not to trim, that is the question.
45 Auto, like most auto pistol cartridges, headspaces on the case mouth. If the case is too long you will have improper headspace and the case head will protrude out of the chamber too far. If it is long enough the pistol will not go into battery. .005 inch too long may or may not cause problems in your gun. If I were you I would save those cases until you get a trimmer and load other cases of the correct length. Then again, those case have obviously already functioned fine in your pistol. 45 Auto cases don't grow, if anything they will get shorter over time. You could always load a dummy round and see if headspace is ok in your gun.
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