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My quiet fraternal twins (Ruger K77/22-VBZ & VMBZ)

I just got my VBZ (.22LR) back today from having the barrel shortened and threaded to match my VMBZ (.22WMR). I'm very excited to shoot the VBZ. The VMBZ has been cool but the VBZ will be much quieter.

I've tried to make them as close to identical as possible:
  • Both barrels have been shortened from 24" to 18" and threaded by Jim Pixley
  • Both wear Leupold scopes (though not the same model)
  • Both have a Power Custom extended titanium magazine release
  • I might buy new rings for one in the future so both have either black or silver

The VBZ is wearing a SilencerCo SS Sparrow, the VMBZ a SWR Spectre II.

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