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Not safetys in general. Just a 100 yearsold design that was perfectly safe with a half cock hammer being redesigned with a cross bolt safety in the frame. That bothers me a lot more than the angle eject, which came out first, but I'm more interested in an original looking at least 94. A pre-64 would be nice, but much more costly for a shooter. All my guns are shooters, cheap or not, but no safe queens.
BTW, I'm the guy with the Yugo, hope the do keep appriciating, but so are almost any discontinued Winchesters.

I do like the Marlin lever guns. Have been thinking of a 336 in 35 Remington, and that's still kinda on the list. As well as a 1895 Guide Gun to replace the early (modern) 1895 I traded off years ago helping result in my #1 rule.
The Winchester is just more "cowboy", and granddad's deer rifle than the Marlin.
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