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Help me, I need support!

With keeping true to my #1 rule!
I've really got the bug for a Winchester 94 in 30-30. No particular need, plenty of hunting options in the safe. I just all of a sudden, well in the last several months anyway, want one.
Now here is where I need support. I'm not particularly interested in a pre-64 safe queen, and I saw an add for a trade with the 94 owner wanting an 8MM Mauser. Just so happens I have a 1938 BRNO, a Turk, a Russian caprure 98, and a very nice Yugo 48A. I contacted the guy, and he said he was interested in the one I offered, the Yugo. My one question on his 94 was if It was pre angle eject/safety. He said It was not, and I thanked him, but declined. I just can't get past the "modernized" 94. Especially the unnessary, obnoctious, and ugly safety!
But a 94 for the Yugo just keeps rolling around in my head.
I really don't want to violate my own #1 rule, and I still hate the "improvements" that spelled the end to the 94, but It is a 94!
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