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Nickel does wear ...but it will show holster wear a lot less than a blued version.../ Nickel S&W's are very my experience.

I have a number of Nickel S&W's in my collection ( they're all shot quite a bit ) ...model 19-3's, 19-4, 27-2's, 29-1's and 2's 4", 6" and 8 3/8" barrels....( the model 27-2 in 4" Nickel gets at least 150 rds a month thru it with tactical drills - just for fun - for the last 5 yrs that I have owned it ) its in and out of a holster a lot..../ it doesn't show any holster wear or have any significant wear on it at all. I'm using good horsehide holsters from Kramer leather ...or I have one N frame leather holster - made by FIST out of New York that I like very much as well - and its probably cowhide../ and what kind of material your holster is made from will make a big difference.

I have stainless models ...model 617's, 66's, 686's , 629's....and while they're durable as well....I like the look of the Nickel guns a lot more.
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