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Rangemaster courses, Longview, Texas

Rangemaster Courses at East Texas Rifle & Pistol Club,
Longview, Texas taught by Tom Givens and Rangemaster staff

Advanced Pistol Skills, One-Day, Sept 21, 2013, Saturday, 9am-6pm
This course is an excellent tune-up for those with prior formal handgun training. Take your skills to the next level with drills designed to hone and refine your gunhandling and marksmanship techniques. Topics include:

• Rapid presentation from the holster
• Fast, reliable reloading technique
• High speed accuracy at close ranges
• Precision shooting at mid-ranges
• Stress management
• And more.

Students will need about 400 rounds of ammunition.

Tuition is $250.00.

Defensive Shotgun , One Day, Sept 22, 2013, Sunday, 9am-6pm
Many people keep a shotgun at home or in their business. Learn how to handle the most potent home defense weapon properly for self-defense. This course includes topics such as:

* Shotgun Selection
* Types & Operation
* Loading Techniques
* Modifications and accessories
* Ammunition Selection
* Shooting Techniques

You will need about 125 rounds of birdshot (#6,7 ½ or 8) and 40 rounds of buckshot.

Tuition $250.00

Special Offer: Register for both courses for $450.00, a $50.00 discount!
Contact East Texas Rifle & Pistol Club to register, or James Sterling at
[email protected]
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