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@Mr. gaseous: Thanks to the american bar association, even boxes of toothpicks now come with instructions and warning labels, and so I was stunned to discover that my 1993, 9422 manual did not designate the magazine capacity. You were right. the manual just warns against exceeding the magazine capacity without saying what that capacity is.

I then looked on the barrel and magazine tube to see if it was stamped there, but no, it wasn't.

Interesting, but as the above poster said, it has never been an issue for me. I either loaded the amount I wanted or what the magazine would hold---whichever came first.

I will say this though. I don't expect more than hunting accuracy from a lever action, hammer ignited, two piece stock firearm. However, my 9422 gives match accuracy and feeds 100% reliably (even working the lever slowly and holding the rifle upside down).
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